BSM170 BSM170


Digital Free-Standing Stadiometer
Size : 390(W) X 500(L) X 2190(H) : mm
15.3(W) X 19.7(L) X 86.2(H) : inch

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Quick Assembly
No complicated procedure is required for assembling BSM170. Simply link each components from bottom to top with a screw driver only, then you are ready to measure the height.


Simple Operation
Head bar, large LCD with bright backlight and two simple buttons are all you need for height measurement. Simply step on the footplate after turning on the device to start the measurement and lock the value so that you do not lose your data.


Bluetooth Compatibility
Use the measured height value for your body composition measurement. Simply connect the BSM170 and the Inbody, the professional body composition analyzer, via Bluetooth without any cable attached.
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