Lookin Body 120 Lookin Body 120



Operating System : Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/
Windows7(32bit/64bit)/ Windows8(32bit/64bit)
CPU: Intel 1.7GHz processor or higher
Hard Disk : More than 1GB of available hard-disk space
Main Memory(RAM) : 1GB or higher
Graphic Devices : Color Monitor with 1024X768
resolution and 16bit video card
Input Devices : Keyboard, Mouse
Communication Port : Serial Port(RS-232C) / USB / Lan
/ Wi-fi / Bluetooth
*Communication ports vary with the InBody models.

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-All new design for enhanced user experience

-Organize client's data and track progress with visual graphs

-Customize Results Sheet outputs

-Share data on same networks

-Integrate Electronic Medical Records(EMR)

-Connect with the InBody via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

-Enhance personal data security

-E-mail results to clients

-Manage blood pressure data