Inbody 770 Inbody 770


Premium Solution for Your Health

Frequency : 1kHz, 5kHz, 50kHz, 250kHz, 500kHz, 1000khHz
Display : 800 X 480 Color LCD
Hand Type : Line Type

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Inbody 770 Inbody 770


-Developed based on professional’s experience.

User friendly interface with voice guidance lets anyone can easily take the InBody Test.
Monitor progressive change of your body composition.
Customize InBody Results Sheet with your favorable outputs.
Three different kind of InBody Results Sheet is provided for more detailed analysis.
(Body Water Results Sheet and Results Sheet for Children)


-Provides diverse analysis useful for all kinds of medical treatment.
Visceral Fat Area (VFA) which indicates intestinal obesity causing many lifestyle diseases.
ECW Ratio by segmental showing an water balance and helps to determine nutritional status of individual.
Segmental Lean Analysis show muscle adequacy of each segments of the body separately.


-World’s best technology protected by global patents.

SMF-BIA technology which can capture the single moment of your body.
Great accuracy with high correlation coefficient of 0.984 with DEXA, the standard equipment for body composition analysis.
Confident technology to provide impedances and reactance value by segment and at multiple frequencies.

-Two different test modes
Self Mode require to input only height to provide simplicity for individual users.
Professional Mode provide more detailed consultation information on the screen.

-Wireless Connection
Connect Lookin’Body (data management software) and BSM170 (Stadiometer) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Remotely control the InBody770 with Lookin’Body.